Thinking of using Yellowbook (HIBU) online services?

Throwing Money Down The Drain
For businesses that are considering using Yellowbook online marketing services, I would caution you to do some serious research. First, check out my original post (link is below) and check out the links I posted. Then take some time to do a little web research. I think you will be surprised at just how much they charge for what you get.

The costs, based on a 12 month contract, for a Yellowbook package:

Website design = $599/one time. This would be fair for a small website if you actually received a completely unique site with custom content that was properly SEO’d. But you don’t get a unique site or great content – and your site will look like hundreds of other businesses in your niche.

Domain and hosting = $19.99/month. This would be a fair price if you received great service and support. I charge $24.95 but when my customers call, they know that they will get me and not the first available operator in a Philippine call center! Plus my price includes 4 changes per year at no cost. Which brings us to the next item.

The Assist costs $29.99 per month. Most businesses do not want or need more than a few updates a year. You might want to run a Mother’s day special, a Christmas special, etc. But 2 updates a month is unusual. Plus, while this sounds great, they don’t offer a package that only has 2 or perhaps 4 updates a year, for example. It is all or nothing!

The Video component costs $19.99 a month. Ouch!!! First it is hosted on their YouTube account and you are held hostage to them. Secondly, it should probably cost you around $50 to have a video made and uploaded to YOUR YouTube account. What are you really getting for your monthly payment? You get an “annual refresh” for whatever good that does you. But if you have a contract with them for 5 years, you will have paid almost $1200 for that video. Seriously, $1200!! Or you can use a more reputable company and pay $50 for a simple video or maybe up to $100 for a more complex one and never pay again.

Finally, there is the Wave component at $29.99 per month. This is for the truly insane – pay every month for a one-time effort. Who do they think they are fooling? Like the video component, pay a one-time fee to have your facebook page and local directory listings done and laugh at anyone who wants to charge you a monthly fee to “look after them.”

The bottom line is that Yellowbook (Hibu) offers an enormously expensive option that only gets more expensive as time goes on. The monthly charges for each component go on month after month, year after year. The longer you use their services, the more expensive it gets.

The full article was originally posted on my site: Yellowbook online marketing alternative